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Over the years, GREENLINE EQUIPMENT has become the most trusted agricultural, farm irrigation equipment supplier in the greater Yuma area and beyond. Our business began in 2013 by Brad Chavez, whose passion for Farming, Irrigation, Agriculture, Equipment, Engineering & Manufacturing led him to take a leap into this industry. Today, GREENLINE EQUIPMENT is one of the top suppliers on the west coast, offering quality products as well as a variety of services at the most VALUED prices in the market.

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Our Brands

"Optimal performance "NO DOWNTIME" is a value our customers cannot be without!"

GREENLINE EQUIPMENT has been working with the same brands since 2013. Our business was founded on the idea of providing our out of date agricultural industry the most cutting-edge equipment & technology. We package our equipment in a way that provides our customer the competitive edge and lowest cost per acre value. We have chose the best and most reputable brands since the start, and we have never looked back. Our reputation depends on offering only the best.

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Cummins | A Global Power Leader

Our relationship with Cummins started at the birth of Greenline Equipment. All of GLE’s OEM Cummins powered equipment goes through a rigorous quality assurance program with our assigned CUMMINS ENGINEERS to insure our Cummins OEM products leave our manufacturing plant and operate at their maximum capacity & efficiency with no downtime.

Cummins has over 1 million engines in operation around the world in the ag industry. Ranging from 2.8 to 19 liters, Cummins agriculture engines are tailored and tested dating back to 1916 for the rigorous work on the farm, agricultural applications and irrigation use. Cummins unmatched performance and efficiency allow GLE to provide our ag industry leading customers the power packages they demand… with limited downtime and the power bulge and torque back up available when needed.

Cummins reliability is key to the success of Greenline Equipment… Cummins only specializes in power generation. Making their power units the most valuable power package in the Ag arena. Cummins power is especially important for our irrigation & agriculture pumps as our customers cannot afford any downtime.

Greenline Equipment is a proud OEM dealer for Cummins Engines and Cummins Engine Parts. In addition to Ag-related platforms, Greenline also offers Cummins engines for just about any conceivable application. Categories include but are not limited to: Cummins on-highway engines, Cummins off-highway engines, Cummins marine engines, and Cummins power generation. Cummins also offers diesel, propane, and natural gas engines.

If you are in the market for a replacement Cummins engine, contact Greenline Equipment today so we can assist with your project. Greenline Equipment services customers nationwide. Ask us for a delivered price on your Cummins engine today!

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Cornell began manufacturing pumps for agriculture when the company launched in 1946. Since that time, Cornell engineers have continued to make improvements in pump design and function. Features unique to Cornell pumps allow their pumps to handle the most demanding applications. These features, coupled with efficiencies up to 89%, are why Cornell is considered the benchmark in agricultural pump industry.
Greenline Equipment & Cornell relationship dates to 2013 and we stand ready to support our customers at a moment’s notice. Our Cummins power package coupled with Cornell’s pump delivers one of the industries most RELIABLE PUMP & POWER PACKAGES ON THE MARKET TODAY. Cornell and Cummins unsurpassed reliability & efficiencies coupled with GLE’s engineering, ag technology, fabrication and design departments brings a tremendous value to our customers…- and that takes care of our business.

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Amiad Water Systems

Amiad Water Systems is a world leader in water treatment and filtration solutions, and for over 57 years has devoted its passion and commitment to developing a comprehensive line of water filtration systems for applications in the irrigation and industrial markets. Amiad products are integrated into Greenline Equipment’s core.
GLE started working with AMIAD over 4 years ago and our relationship continues to grow at a rapid pace. Amiad & GLE products are built for efficiency and reliability, backed by our commitment to excellence, top rated customer service & premier BRANDS.
For GLE it was simple.... the next step in our business plan was to connect and distribute for the worlds #1 water filtration systems manufacturer. In 2017 GLE connects OUR global leading POWER GENERATION, PUMPING & automated booster pump packages with AMIAD Water SYSTEMS. To GLE's best knowledge - there is no other compact portable automated booster pump w/ onboard filtration that can pump the GPM required in our farming region.

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